Spice Valley Villas in Kakknad
Property Location
Pallikkara, Kakkanad
Silver Castle Villas in Kochi
Property Location
Spice County
Property Location
Elegant2 Villas Near Infopark
Property Location
Elegant 1
Property Location
Near Wonderla
Vembilliy Retreat Villas Near Pallikkara
Property Location
Pallikkara, Kakkanad

Customer Experiences

Our long search for a perfect villas in Kakkanad under our budget finally ended here at Pallikkara. We visited more than 100 location and you can imagine the strain of doing the same, most of the weekends we were busy searching for new villas in Kakkanad, however nothing matched our expectation o...

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Dipu & Family

Responsible, professional and prompt are the words I would like to attribute to the entire KEM builders team. Right from sales to accounts to architects, everyone working at KEM made the entire process of buying and customizing seamless. The customization process of our new villa was very pleasan...

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The basis for buying a new villa lies in the comfort, locality and of course the budget. Finding one comprising all these was a big challenge for us. At last, we ended villas near Pallikkara, where we got the precise villa providing all the convenience, by KEM Builders Kakkanad. We're extremely s...

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Suja Thomas

It was always our dream to have a new villas in Kakkanad. Owning a villa from KEM Builders does give us a great pride. We initially did not have any plan to invest but it was a coincidence of seeing this property and finalizing it. We have had numerous interactions with other builders but we neve...

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Dennis & Betsy

I came, I saw, I loved it, wanted it, and bought it. That is what happened when I saw the villas in Kakkanad. The fairy-tale like structure, the landscape, the brown and white paint, the huge tinted glass windows reflecting the sky, the ambience combining the rural and the city, it only took an i...

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Our New Villas in Kakkanad

Kerala is one of the most preferred investment destinations in India. Villas in Kakkanad, Kochi that are gracefully crafted to perfection with ample space from the most trusted builders in Kochi. KEM Builders has established itself a mark in construction with affordable & spacious villas in Kochi. Years of experiences in the industry, KEM Builders & Developers is a leading player in Kochi real estate industry. We have contributed many villa projects in Kochi, mostly in cherished locations like villas near Kakkanad. We are proud to be the face of making comfort and convenient villas focused in & around Kakkanad.

15 Years of
Building your
dreams Stronger!

Our Services


From the beginning of how to manage and execute a new villa project, designing the structure to ordering materials to deploying workers and subcontractors to complete various tasks.


A clear and accurate forecast of how much any villa project will cost and how long it will take before you begin and ensure that a project meets financial feasibility and scope requirements.


Continuous supervision based on quality, schedule, and budget with the opportunity to clarify and resolve issues and dilemmas presented by their clients and workplaces.


Helping you to complete your project on time and on budget, while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards and on availability of materials and skilled tradespeople.

All Documentation

Providing all sorts of proper credentials includes details on construction, review, and analysis of events and actions of the project.

Procucrement & Development

Securing of all the goods and services needed to bring the construction project to completion in a timely and satisfying manner with encompassing activities for the renovation, refurbishing, etc.

Best Value For Money



To build exceptional villas in Kochi making it an ideal place to invest in.


Years of experience in developing and building villas in Kakkanad.

Qualified & Certified

The leading builders of villas in Kakkanad offering the best that suits your budget.


Experienced design team

Help you redefine the artistic beauty of your dream villas.

Minimal inconvenience

Look on & rectify our customers with complete solutions.

Clean handover

Our on-time completion and the transferred the ownership of this property.

KEM Builders has become
the no.1 choice of customers for quality & craftsmanship since 1998.


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