Our long search for a perfect villas in Kakkanad under our budget finally ended here at Pallikkara. We visited more than 100 location and you can imagine the strain of doing the same, most of the weekends we were busy searching for new villas in Kakkanad, however nothing matched our expectation on quality and comfort. So now we are here completely satisfied and happy that we chose the villa by KEM Builders. They have provided all the support and even had the good mind to customize the villa based on our needs. We are happy to say that we are now the proud owners of a new Villa by KEM developers."

Dipu & Family

Responsible, professional and prompt are the words I would like to attribute to the entire KEM builders team. Right from sales to accounts to architects, everyone working at KEM made the entire process of buying and customizing seamless. The customization process of our new villa was very pleasant where they were willing to accommodate all the changes. Even after the handover of the villa project, they were prompt in addressing any issue, big or small. I never faced any situation where I had to run after them. I am content with the handover!


The basis for buying a new villa lies in the comfort, locality and of course the budget. Finding one comprising all these was a big challenge for us. At last, we ended villas near Pallikkara, where we got the precise villa providing all the convenience, by KEM Builders Kakkanad. We're extremely satisfied with the quality and work of the villa that marked our expectation. What made us to choose KEM Builders was the exceptional service facilities and their view to bring everything under one cover according to our need. So. satisfied and happy to choose KEM Builders they never made us feel like we were away from home

Suja Thomas

It was always our dream to have a new villas in Kakkanad. Owning a villa from KEM Builders does give us a great pride. We initially did not have any plan to invest but it was a coincidence of seeing this property and finalizing it. We have had numerous interactions with other builders but we never felt so comfortable with anybody else. But at KEM they were so supportive in whenever we needed any information or any specific things to be done for the house. It's finished exactly how we had perceived. We would surely recommend KEM Builders to any of our friends who would want to take a villas in Kakkanad. Thanks to KEM Builders and all the supporting staffs for makinq our dream come true...

Dennis & Betsy

I came, I saw, I loved it, wanted it, and bought it. That is what happened when I saw the villas in Kakkanad. The fairy-tale like structure, the landscape, the brown and white paint, the huge tinted glass windows reflecting the sky, the ambience combining the rural and the city, it only took an instant to say “This house is mine”

Once inside the feeling only grew stronger, the sitting room with the T.V. unit, the dining hall with the floor to ceiling unitseparating it from the kitchen, the kitchen cupboards, the sink unit, the bedroom with its wardrobe, attached bath, with cross-ventilation windows all was perfect. Yet, this was not the end, the staircase with its wooden railings leading upstairs to another living room, a door leading to the stairways to the terrace, the two bedrooms with attached baths, wardrobe and balconies overlooking the road, and the main gate, the scenic view from the balconies, all made us feel very dizzy, wondering if this is real. Then coming outside the attached well with a small plot to do your own gardening all bowled us over.

Though beyond our budget, I decided to go in for a loan so as not to miss the opportunity of losing this house. Actually to me this house was priceless.
Being from Mumbai, I really needed help and support and Mr. Shamnath and Mr. Shafiq(KEM Builders) really filled the gap. Any problem it only took a phone call, even when we were not there, Mr Shamnath took care of everything: the lawn moving, the payment of electricity bill, property tax payment, generally whatever needed to be done, they took care of it all. All this help coming from a totally unexpected quarters reinforced the fact that this house was made for us and our decision was simply perfect. Believe me this kind of after-sale service coming from the builder just goes to show how sincere and genuine they are. Looking at all the finer nuances we can only say that They (KEM Builders) have put their heart in this project and will stop at nothing to retain the satisfaction of customers like us.
Again there were still other factors, the Villa’s close proximity to WonderLa, ensures that we get an Ola or Uber almost immediately (in fact our relatives come to visit us with a dual advantage of visiting WonderLa), and it is just an hour away from the Airport. Even my cousins who came from abroad and even from Kerala marveled at the design and the additional proximity advantages we enjoy, and wonder how we could be so lucky. Yes lucky and very blessed that is how we feel and can never thank God enough…..


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