Effective ways to monsoon-proof your home and prevent damage
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Effective ways to monsoon-proof your home and prevent damage

  • 15 Jun, 21

The monsoons bring forth a great relief from the sweltering heat of the summers. The showers start cooling down the temperatures, and so the homeowners need to start and monsoon-proof their windows and doors to ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises later on. There are a few tasks that you should undertake in order to rain-proof your home. Here are the some of the basics for you to take care of:



One of the most common worries which people have during the monsoon is leakage. You must check your roof and walls for any seepage or leakage. It can also lead to long-term water damage so it is very important to deal with the issue before the showers start.  The adhesives or plaster you use to fix the leaks make sure that you get it done well before the heavy rains start.



Before the rains begin, get the doors and windows inspected for rot and get them fixed if needed. Windows  get the maximum exposure to rain. If they are not maintained properly it can start leaking. During the monsoon, wooden doors tend to swell. Using oil at the sides of the doors or by sanding off the part that gets stuck this can be solved. You can opt for a coat of paint on the doors and windows with wind resistant windows and water-proof doors for the best results.



Stagnant water in and around your home would pave the way as a breeding ground for insects and infections. So it is very important to have all your drains checked and unclogged, removing any debris they have. When it rains, the water running off will need somewhere to go, so there should be a proper sewage system. You’ll end up with rainwater and debris clogging your pipes and your roof if these get clogged . This can lead to major leakages. 


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