Tips to Note for Home Decor

Tips to Note for Home Decor

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  • 27 Apr, 21

Home is not just a building with rooms & walls. It should contain and convey certain memories which are made over time. If the outer appearance has done uniquely, so it should be inside. The insides of your home should convey the look knitted in love, beauty and filled with your homely aspect. In other words, it should project the moldboard of your tastes. So, let’s see some tips to start your villa decor work.


  • Flooring is the prior thing that you notice when you first enter a house. You can choose exquisite floorings such as geometric tiles or chic herringbone patterns, something that suits your taste and personality. 


  • Try to add bold and colorful patterned art for curtains and also use funky wallpaper to balance the walls with a bold touch which would go along with the furniture and accessories.


  • To create an organic and peaceful mood to the room, adding a potted plant, be it wall mounted or floor support, a small plant can make a world of difference for your villa.


  • Choose  an object that demands attraction to give a spotlight on the ceiling and walls, be it a chandelier or a stunning piece of art. Or choose to paint the walls and make use of textured wallpapers.


  • Add metal frames, knobs and small accessories to accentuate your furniture and rooms. Add a dash of color and grandeur your knobs in rich metallic shades of gold, silver or brass to make it look attractive.


  • Focus on the couches and cushions with the upholstery to add color, and life to them. The  multi-dimensional look will definitely give you that much-needed edge to your villa decor!

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