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Top Trending Architectural Styles for Your Home.

  • 30 Apr, 21

With the dawn of this modern era, home designs have undergone more unique ways than ever. Building a customized home makes you choose from over 100s of styles. It will put you in a great dilemma by the amount of choice you have. Before selecting the desired home designs, there are a few considerations to be made  such as climate, soil, and context, so you can create your style with a combination of interior space and external elements of style. 

Let’s see some of the collection of handpicked styles that are top trending in this decade of home designs. 

Modern Style

One of the favourite styles of Keralites in the past few years. Modern style homes include extensive use of glass, steel, and solid flat roofs and are made mostly of concrete, and also tend to use colours such as white and grey alone for the facade. Use simple geometric lines on the outside and focus on function over form on the inside, if modern is your style.

Traditional Kerala Style

With extensive usage of wood and clay tiles on the exterior as well as interiors, Kerala homes are charecterized. For a classic Kerala style home, the flooring can be made of clay tiles or oxides while for a contemporary one you can opt for bright materials. Regarded as one of the best approaches while building homes and an evergreen style of architecture.

Contemporary Style

They are considered as fusion or an evolved form of two or more styles of architecture. With a clear idea of your needs and desires, the contemporary style is a great way to experiment and progress. A classic example of a contemporary home is a Kerala home equipped with modern furniture and mixed interior styles.

Sustainable Homes

Use of maximum sources of energy that are renewable, and those which promote the entry of natural light and ventilation to the best, thus improve the quality of living.

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